Dog Bites & Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are a frequent occurrence. Each year, close to five million Americans are attacked and bitten by dogs. Most of these bites require immediate medical attention. Close to ten percent of these attacks even result in accidental death. A dog attack is not distinctive to just a handful of breeds, as is often suggested in the media and from animal advocacy groups. In fact, any dog, regardless of breed or normal (usual) temperament can be compelled to attack a human being out of fear, whether or not the fear was justified.

Connecticut General Statutes (Laws) Regarding Dog Bites

The law treats dogs as chattel (personal property). And, the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S.) hold a dog’s owner responsible for any injuries it may cause. If at the time of the attack, the dog was being cared for by someone other than its owner, the Connecticut General Statutes holds that person (called a  “keeper”) responsible for the injuries as well. However, if the injury victim may have prompted the attack by taunting the dog, it raises a potential defense.

What to Do if You Get Bitten by a Dog

If you get bitten by a dog, there are a few very important things you must do. The first and most important is to seek medical attention. No matter what the severity of the wound is, any trace amount of blood drawn could mean possible exposure to diseases if the dog was not vaccinated properly. The next step is to contact the local animal control facility and report the dog attack. The third step is to contact The Kaufmann Law Offices so that we can get immediately started on your personal injury claim.

Protect Your Personal Injury Legal Rights with The Kaufmann Law Offices

As a victim of a dog bite attack, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and medical care, possible loss of wages, rehabilitation costs including plastic surgery and restoration if needed, and more. Because the dog owner or keeper bears the responsibility, a lot of times their homeowner’s insurance or an umbrella policy may be available to compensate the victim – even if the dog attack occurred off of the owner’s or keeper’s premises. This means you will likely be contacted by the dog owner’s insurance agency. Just as with any personal injury accidents, you do NOT want to speak to them. Their sole purpose is to try to find a reason to lower the amount you will be compensated. You need an experienced and compassionate attorney to negotiate what you deserve. If you, the dog owner or keeper of the dog bite attack reside in Bridgeport, Darien, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford or Westport, or anywhere in the State of Connecticut, we can help you. If you have any legal questions regarding your personal rights, insurance investigation, or want to file a claim, contact The Kaufmann Law Offices immediately for your personal free consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

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