Workers Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Benefits in The State of Connecticut:

After suffering a serious work-place accident, it is important to understand all of your legal options. It does not matter whether or not anyone else was at fault for causing your injuries. If you are injured in the course of performing your job, you are entitled to compensation under the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Act. The benefits to which you are entitled include: medical treatment, lost wage benefits, and vocational rehabilitation. You would also be entitled to an additional award of money if your injuries leave you with any impairment in the function of part of your body (such as a loss of strength or range of motion in the spine or an extremity). Some of the different types of injuries that could occur in work-related accidents are:

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim:

Your employer may tell you that he/she is filing a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf; however, this sometimes means that they are filing a claim with their workers’ compensation insurance company, and not with the State of Connecticut. This is why you need your own legal representation and need to contact The Kaufmann Law Offices as quickly as possible. The longer you wait to file your workers’ compensation claim, the more likely it becomes that crucial evidence for your claim is lost. We will help you preserve all of your legal rights by filing your claim with the Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission. We will help you obtain medical treatment and lost wage benefits by forcing your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company to pay. If your employer did not carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage at the time you were injured, we will pursue these benefits for you from the State of Connecticut, as provided for by law. In addition, we can also arrange for your regular insurance carrier to pay for your medical costs during the duration of the workers compensation claim. If your injury leaves you with a physical impairment, we will help you obtain an additional award of money; and secure your right to receive future benefits should your injury cause you problems later. The time limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Connecticut is one year, so time is of the essence. If you have sustained any type of work-related injury in the areas of Bridgeport, Darien, Fairfield, Norwalk, Stamford or Westport, or anywhere in the State of Connecticut, it is important for you to preserve your legal rights.

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